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Residential Solar Installation Australia

Solar power is becoming more popular all the time, with residents in and across Australia learning to take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of this wonderful residential solar technology. Owing to years of experience in the solar installation industry, DNP North Electrical offers the best of Residential Solar Power Solutions in Australia that are installed with perfection.

Here at DNP North Electrical, we have the best residential solar panels on sale and installation of residential solar panel systems, from small 6.6kW solar panel installations through to 19.7kW solar solutions.

All of our resident solar power installation solutions come with the best residential solar expert installation in Australia and a range of consumer protections as standard. Residential solar panels provide numerous advantages to Australian home-owners, like residential solar installation cost savings and environmental benefits. Please give us a call if you need a residential solar panel system for your home. A residential home solar company must provide enough electric energy to fulfill all the power requirements of a home.

It should also be capable of providing AC power as traditionally all homes in Australia use AC power to operate lighting systems, gadgets, appliances and equipment’s such as computers, refrigerators, mixers, fans, air conditioners, TVs and music systems.

Our entire residential solar panels are strong in nature and ensures high compressive strength as we rely on top of the line products which are including in TIER 1 category.

They ensure flawless finishing and are in adherence with the best ANZ standards. They are quality approved and are delivered within the budgetary limits.

Why Switch to Solar Energy?

1. Reduces Carbon Emission, 2. Natural, Clean & Renewable Source of Energy, 3. Very Low Maintenance, 4. Reduces your Electricity Bill, 5. Increase your Property Value, 6. Gain Independence Source of Energy

Working of Residential Solar Panel Installation

When sunlight falls on the solar panels it gets absorbed by the PV cells and the silicon semiconductors in the cells convert the solar energy into electric energy through the PV effect. This electric energy is in the form of DC power which can directly charge the battery.

Max sun energy Residential solar panel Installation – The future has never looked brighter before.

Make the switch to residential solar installation in three easy steps with DNP North Electrical:


We will connect you to an expert from DNP North Electrical’s network of qualified residential solar installers to create a custom residential solar system for your home, including an estimate of residential solar panel cost for future savings. Let the excitement begin!


Your SAA accredited residential solar panel installer will take care of the heavy lifting. Your solar system for your home will be designed to maximize the power and efficiency of your new state-of-the-art DNP North Electrical residential solar pv system.


Get ready to flip the switch. After inspections are complete and final connections are made to your local utility, it’s time to shine with solar energy savings from residential solar panel installation with DNP North Electrical..!

Power is produced when there is sufficient sunlight falling onto your residential solar panels which is then converted into Alternating Current (AC) and routed throughout your home.

Because solar panel installations are connected to the existing electricity grid, power is always available.So, use residential solar panel installation to power your home and reduce your dependence on the grid.Installresidential solar panels with DNP North Electrical and take control of your monthly electricity bills.

Residential Solar Panels Cost

The cost of average grid-connected solar PV systems range from $4000 to $7000 for 6.6KW and the cost varies according to the branded inverter and type of residential solar panels chosen.

The cost of off-grid solar PV systems is approximately $10000 to $30000 as these PV systems require batteries which are costly.

Residential Rooftop Solar Panel Installations

DNP North Electrical solar pv system deliver premium aesthetics for homeowners, while vastly improving on the quality and reliability of conventional panel offerings. They also offer black design of panels is currently in demand for residential installations, blending harmoniously into your roof and adding elegance to your home.

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